How Can Fluoride Treatments Protect Your Child's Teeth

Find out how fluoride could protect growing smiles from decay.

Did you know that cavities are the leading oral disease in children? In fact, around 40 percent of children will have tooth decay by kindergarten! Tooth decay can compromise the development and health of your child’s smile so instead of just coming into our practice to remove decay, our Augusta, GA, pediatric dentist Dr. Tina Moses can protect against decay in the first place with a fluoride treatment.

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally found in drinking water, food, and soil. However, since fluoride was discovered to have great oral health benefits, we’ve since seen fluoride added to our local drinking water and most kinds of toothpaste.

Why is fluoride important for my child’s teeth?

There are many reasons why fluoride is beneficial for children’s teeth, and even teens' and adults', too!. Some of the benefits of fluoride include:

Protecting your child’s teeth: Fluoride can protect your child’s tooth enamel and may even reduce the risk for tooth sensitivity, which is an issue our Augusta, GA, pediatric dentist most often sees in kids during the cold, winter months. It can also stop acid in the mouth from damaging healthy tooth enamel.

Strengthening enamel: We all have oral bacteria, including our children. These bacteria love to feed off sugar and starches such as that chocolate-frosted donut or white pasta that your child just loves to eat. While limiting these foods can certainly prevent enamel from breaking down, another measure you can take is to get fluoride treatment for your little one.

Fluoride treatment can breakdown acid, which bacteria produce when feeding off sugars and starches. Fluoride can then remineralize and strengthen your child’s teeth. It may even reverse early signs of decay.

Reduce cavity risk: Most children are at risk for decay. While it’s important that your child is practicing good oral hygiene and visiting our dental team every six months for cleanings and checkups, fluoride treatment can be an additional preventive measure that could benefit your child’s smile and reduce their risk for developing cavities over their childhood and teens years.

To discuss fluoride treatment with our Augusta, GA, pediatric dentist to see if this is a good preventive measure for your child’s smile, simply call our practice at (706) 863-6262. We can provide your little ones with the preventive oral care they need for a healthy, beautiful smile!

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